A web-Platform
for brain training.

Designed by experts.

Explore a novel
scientific approach
for cognitive skills training.

35+ Brain Games

designed to stimulate the basic cognitive skills.

3 difficulty levels

Constantly evolving

In 3 languages

7 Cognitive Skills

We create games to train the basic cognitive areas.


Αbility to recall an information or a remembrance and to memorise something while playing.


The process of analysing a problem
and its parameters in order to reach
a conclusion.


The ability to focus on external and internal stimuli, as well as, performing daily tasks.


Perception of distance, direction and motion of objects at a given time.

Executive Functions

All processes associated with the initiation and completion of an activity.


The perception, image design and the assemble
of a structure.


Expression of thoughts and feelings - understanding what others communicate.

A tool for Health Professionals and caregivers

Eligence supports specialists who help people in the early stages of dementia or in the rehabilitation phase. 



The Health Professional can create sessions based on the needs of each beneficiary.

Real time

Digital tools to follow up
the beneficiary’s activity.


Detailed graphs and activity timelines, providing insights on performance.

Usage modes

Free use of games and/or personalised sessions, guided by the Health Professional.​

Easy to operate

A user-friendly tool
with minimum training requirements.


Available, any time through any device
and browser, at centres or at home.


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With extensive experience in the area of integrated IT solutions across private and public sectors, the company caters clients ranging from large enterprises to municipal governments.

Intellisoft is the Exclusive reseller of the online platform Eligence to Municipalities and Regions.

Eligence has been selected in the third open call of the SHAPES 2020 project, which is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.


Scheduled Downtime, Thursday May 30, 15.00 CET to 20.00 CET.

Eligence platform will be unavailable due to scheduled upgrading. Please refrain from any activity during this period.
Thank you for understanding.